Lil Nas X – Rodeo Feat Cardi B

Lil Nas X Rodeo Feat Cardi B Mp3 Lyrics

After tons hype surrounding the release of his trendy album 7, Lil Nas X ultimately dropped off his 18-minute EP. The duration of the document left many fans wanting just a tad bit greater, as not one of the eight tracks made it to 3 minutes. the second one longest song at the document was Lil Nas X’s collaboration with Cardi B: “Rodeo.” Cardi and Billy Ray Cyrus are the most effective capabilities at the file and, coincidentally, they may be each on Western-fashion tracks.

“Rodeo” brings extra of a hip hop vibe with Cardi’s aggressive rap addition, however with simplest two verses, there is an awful lot to be left for listeners.

“but yeah. it’ll be first rate,” he continued. “you’re going to adore it and you’re going recognize Lil Nas X is not going everywhere whenever quickly. i am going to nevertheless be doing little stuff, but the fundamental excursion is going to be round the beginning of subsequent year. Like while the album’s out. it is just something occurs is going to happen, quite tons. i’m not putting a theme.

Quotable Lyrics

I didn’t mean to make you mad, I don’t like when you’re upset
I’ma call you later on, baby girl, don’t you forget
I’ma take you from this party, we might go and have some sex
Or we do that later on, now we lit like cigarettes

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