Gucci Mane – Hands Off Feat Jeremih MP3 + LYRICS

Gucci Mane Hands Off Feat Jeremih MP3 + LYRICS

I don’t desire to overstate the apparent. Gucci Mane is not not like Kanye West inside the sense that a healthful routine has done him a disservice to his musical output. nevertheless, on Delusions of Grandeur, Gucci Mane does just sufficient to keep away from the misshapen “have-not” pile in the advent of his 40th birthday. it is on songs like “palms Off” offering Jeremih where he eventually suggests a willingness to reinvent himself musically. For the first ever, Gucci’s bragging and boasting is going the course of R&B, thank you in part to his accomplice’s insistence on doing a whole lot of the legwork.

Jeremih’s complicity on “hands Off” is not markedly exceptional from his different contributions in 2018-2019. Produced in part by OG Parker, Jeremih is permitted the liberty to operate on his personal phrases. call it a retaining pattern if you’ll, Gucci’s chronic materialism has reached a brand new frontier, except on this example, he is not clamoring about his baby mom’s unwanted text messages or a new tab, he will quickly come to regret establishing up. it is safe to mention, the Gucci “clone theories” will persist until he reverts in form, if ever. Hit us together with your mind.

Quotable Lyrics:

Birkin bag, let you cop ’em by the two
All these furs, Gucci, shame on you (All these furs)
All this water on me, I feel like a pool (A lot of water)
You got me hot, I’ma need a fan soon.

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