4 Worst Mistakes You Can Make At The Casino

Here are 4 of the worst mistakes that gamblers make at the casino. Eliminate these mistakes, and concentrate on the casino games with the highest RTP to win some money.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine Curse

The worst curse on gamblers is the slot machine. More gamblers do play slot machines than any other game, slot games are specially designed to drain your bankroll, and they hardly ever fail at that task. You can technically win when you play slots over the course of time, but in the long run, it is the slot machine that always wins. It is simply how slot machines are programmed, and there is no way to work around proper programming. The only way to avoid the slot machine curse is not to play slot games at all. If you really want to play a machine-based game, it is better to start studying how to play video poker because it has much better RTP than slot machines ever give. You can also try video blackjack, which has an even higher ratio. If you still decide you want to play slot machines, you must learn to reduce your losses. There is no way to win when you play slots, but there are ways to lose less.

Playing Games With Bad Rules

Some games have the exact same rules everywhere while some others have rules which are different across different casinos or even from table to table or machine to machine. The best example of this is blackjack. Blackjack plays the same at all tables but has an extensive range of rule variations.

There are casinos where two blackjack tables in the same casino can have such different rules that the RTP can differ by as much as 1% or even more. So while choosing a game, it is essential to know the different rules for each game in a casino and how these rules change the RTP numbers.

Not Using Return to Player Numbers

The most vital factor that comes into play when playing casino games is the RTP percentage for each game. The RTP is a number that helps decide which are the best games to play and to predict how much every game is going to cost you to play. In other words, RTP is a percentage which shows the player how much each game is going to return and how much the game will give the casino. The higher the RTP, the greater the rate of return of the game.

You’re Not Using Strategy

Figuring out the casino games that offer the highest RTP is just the first step that you need to take. To get that RTP percentage going for you, you have to use the right playing strategies when you play. It is true that not every casino game has a strategy you can use to increase your odds, but the games that offer the largest RTP do have a strategy. Learn the strategy involved in each game and play accordingly.

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